Chronic Pain Management  

Is chronic pain interfering with your day-to-day activities? Midwest Rehabilitation Associates offers programs to help people just like you.  

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Improving Life for People with Pain

Chronic pain can severely impact many areas of a person’s life. Pain has an enormous effect on family, social, occupational and recreational activities. Chronic pain is a complex problem requiring a specially trained health care team.

Our team has extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of even the most difficult chronic pain problems. Our treatment program’s coordinated multi-specialty care and management is the key to improving life for people with pain.

Programs We Offer

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Patient Outcomes

Patient and therapist outcome ratings demonstrate that we are successful in helping people with chronic pain to reach their treatment goals.

Improved ability to participate in activities

92 Percent

Improved pain management

88 Percent

Improved stress management

100 Percent

Improved mood and emotional functioning

89 Percent