Who do you treat?

We treat people who have chronic pain.  Our patients come from many different age groups, ethnicities, regions, and backgrounds.  Each person’s pain is unique and we have treated many different chronic pain conditions including low back pain, fibromyalgia, and pain localized to a specific region. 

What is chronic pain?

Chronic pain is pain which continues to persist three or more months after the typical healing period for that injury has passed.  Once pain becomes chronic, it often impacts other aspects of an individual’s life including recreation, relationships, employment, and the ability to function and complete activities of daily living. 

How is your program different?

We believe that chronic pain is a multi-faceted problem and requires a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary treatment approach.  You will be assigned a team of health care professionals with experience in the management of chronic pain.   You and your team will work together to address all aspects of your pain and move toward achieving treatment goals.

What about medications?

Medications may or may not be part of your treatment plan.  The role of medications to assist with pain, sleep and/or mood would be assessed when you start the program.  As a policy, our physicians will not prescribe any medications until participation in our program begins.

Is the program covered by insurance?

Most insurance carriers cover many of the services provided in our program.  Your dedicated billing specialist will work with you and your insurance company to investigate benefits.