Chronic Pain Management Program

Chronic pain can severely impact many areas of a person's life. Pain has an enormous impact on family, social, occupational and recreational activities. Chronic pain is a complex problem requiring a specially trained healthcare team.

Our Approach

Midwest Rehabilitation Associates has extensive experience in the evaluation and treatment of even the most difficult pain problems. Our treatment program's coordinated multi-specialty care and management is the key to improving life for people with pain.


It is our belief that we can treat the whole person only after we know the whole person. During a series of four appointments, our team will assess your pain and medical history to determine an individualized treatment plan. The results of your evaluation and treatment recommendations will be discussed with you during the fourth appointment.

Goals of Treatment

  • Reduce pain intensity
  • Improve strength and endurance
  • Learn strategies to self manage pain
  • Reduce pain-related stress
  • Return to work and/or recreational activities


During your treatment in our Chronic Pain Management Program, your plan of care may include the following services:

  • Daily physician visits
  • Physical Therapy to improve strength, flexibility and endurance
  • Biofeedback and Relaxation Training to modify the body's response to pain
  • Pain and Stress Management education
  • Counseling to reduce pain-related stress
  • Occupational Therapy to improve performance of tasks at home and/or work
  • Vocational counseling

Follow Up Care

Our team of specialists will recommend a long-term plan of care to support you in your ongoing management of pain.

  • The team at Midwest Rehab Associates worked with me to get me back to pain-free days much faster and more efficiently than anyone predicted!

    - John in Racine

  • I am so grateful to Midwest Rehab for giving me the tools I needed to heal from my injury.

    - Anna in West Bend